Friday, September 7, 2012

10 Ways To Be A Better Stripper

                I wouldn’t call these rules exactly, but more like guidelines for increasing your tips and just generally having a better time as a stripper in Second Life.  While I am not the most experienced stripper around, I have found that these guidelines have been true and helpful to me.  

  1.  Improve your emoting.  Whether you are an experienced emoter or still a novice, everyone can improve some.  Pay attention to what other dancers at your club are doing when they emote.  And most importantly be open to criticism and feeback.  Finally, use /me when you want to emote.  It’s three extra key strokes but using /me helps tremendously. 
  2. Advertise.  No matter how popular a club is, more patrons will help.  So, advertise for your club.  Add the club to your picks in your profile.  Put a note in your biography that lets casual viewers know where you work.  You’ll be surprised at how this helps improve traffic and your tips. 
  3. Don’t rip off the club.  Whenever a customer tips you directly, you should always tip that into your tip jar, and then let the customer know that in the future he or she should use the tip jar.  The club owner needs his or her cut of your tips to pay for land costs and to improve the club. Remember, if there is no club, you don’t have a place to work. 
  4. Invest in yourself.  Customers will get tired of seeing you in the same outfits again and again.  Try new things: buy new costumes and new lingerie.  When in doubt, try something completely different.  Plus, it’s an excuse to go shopping.  Also, try working on little improvements like matching skin color on feet to your skin if you wear certain kinds of shoes.  Little details like that improve your appearance greatly. 
  5. Treat the customers well.  This should probably go without saying, but since strippers make most of their money directly from customers, we all know that we have to be friendly and flirty.  However, I have had too many experiences at other strip clubs where the dancers don’t even say “hello.”  Also, just because a customer doesn’t tip you this time, doesn’t mean he or she won’t come back and tip you again.  I’ve had several customers return and tip me because I flirted and teased them even when they were broke.  People appreciate kindness, so spread it around! 
  6.   Respect the other dancers.  A certain amount of competition between dancers is healthy and fun, but don’t get carried away.  There is no reason to fight over customers or try to steal customers from other dancers.  I’ll be honest and admit that I get a little jealous when another stripper makes more than me in a night, but I’m also proud that my co-worker is being successful and I want to improve so I can do better the next night.  
  7. Show up for events.  Scheduled Events represent the most expensive part of a strip club owner’s week.  They have to pay for the contest, the DJ, and any other expenses.  If you don’t show up for an event, the club could lose money.  More importantly, events are when a club is the busiest.  It’s a great time to find new regular customers as well as to make big tips.  Don’t skip an event, unless you have to.   
  8. Invest in Events.  This is pretty simple and straightforward, but when your club is doing a themed event, show up dressed for that event.  If it’s a school girl themed event, show up in a cute school girl outfit.  If you’re a new dancer, ask about the events and check the schedule for upcoming events.   
  9. Tip the DJ.  Like dancers DJ’s work for tips.  Some DJs are fortunate and get paid for performing by the hour, but not all of them do.  A good DJ can bring in more customers as well, so that means that the dancers get tipped too.  Everyone wins.  I usually tip 20% of my cut to the DJ at the club at the end of the night.  
  10. Have Fun!  Stripping should be a fun job.  You get to flirt with the customers, the hours are fairly loose and you get to meet all kinds of people.   Do your best to leave your personal problems at home and try to give the customers a great show.  If you’re not feeling well, take a day off. 

I am always learning new things as I continue my journey through Second Life.  I would love to hear your suggestions on ways to improve the quality of stripping in Second Life.  If you are interested in hearing more about one of these topics, I would be happy to write a more detailed article about the subject. 
    Please leave a comment below or you can send me an email at  You can follow me on twitter Finally, you can contact me in Second Life.  The name is Amirana, and I would love to hear from you!

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