Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Slave Auction Group Part 5

My Mistress Storm and I
            The one thing that I regret about my time spent as My Mistress Storm’s slave was that we didn’t spend much time together.  I never felt the sense that I was her slave in a sexual sense.  Don’t misunderstand me.  I know that BDSM is more than sexual, but I did want a sexual or sensual experience with my owner. 
            Perhaps my expectations were too high or unrealistic for the auction.  The contract was very short, only 10 hours.  I wound up extending that to a full week in order to give My Mistress Storm the most for her money.  I felt that I owed it to her, and I never want to disappoint someone who is paying for my service.  It’s a feeling that I think makes me a good stripper. 
            While serving My Mistress Storm, we did discuss BDSM concept such as the meanings behind a collar or a leash.  We discussed what it meant to be a slave.  However, I never got a chance to put those concepts into practice.  My Mistress Storm also had a “do as I say, not as I do” policy as well.  I did feel as though she cared for me and wanted me to be a better slave.
            The time we spent together was not without its fun.  We went shopping several times, which is one of my real passions.  She introduced me to Catawa Hair which is my favorite place to shop for longer hair, but I still prefer Truth.  She also took me shopping for a camsk and slave silks, which was interesting.  My Mistress Storm had experiences with Gorean slavery, but didn’t tell me much about it.  I’ve heard a lot about Gorean culture and I hope to explore it at a future date. 
            The one sensual act that I performed for My Mistress Storm didn’t even involve her.  A friend of hers visited and as My Mistress left she told me to bathe her friend.  I really felt that this was a chance to impress my owner and leave a good impression with her friend.  I bathed him in My Mistress’ bathroom, I teased him and I gave him a thorough washing.  I had a great time and so did he!  However, when My Mistress Storm returned she told me that she’d only been joking about that.  What a let down!
            I don’t want to leave out anything, especially my mistakes.  My Mistress Storm allowed me to stay at her house during the week I was her property.  She gave me rights to drop items and the ability to move and edit objects.  She warned me to be careful, but within the first hour, I some somehow managed to completely wreck her house.  I don’t know what I did, but I misclicked or something and every texture in the house became a default wood grain. 
            I was mortified!  I was almost crying.  I was so terrified that I had ruined everything.  When My Mistress Storm returned, she wasn’t mad.  She took everything in stride and knew that she had made a mistake by giving such a new player those kinds of permissions.  Thankfully, she was able to quickly restore her house and even used my mistake as an opportunity to redecorate.  She had to, since she was forced to remove all the furniture and lay down a brand new copy of her home.  I still feel bad about that mistake.  And I hope when she reads this she realizes how grateful I am for her kindness and understanding.  Many others probably wouldn’t have been as understanding.  Thank you, My Mistress Storm!
            For the sake of honesty, I want to let you know that the pictures included in this post were not taken in the moment, we posed for them.  My Mistress Storm was very kind about allowing me to take pictures of us together, but these pictures don’t represent any actual BDSM play between us. 
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To be continued in part 6

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