Monday, September 17, 2012

Why Don’t You Work as an Escort?

            One of the most common questions I get as a stripper is “Do you escort?”  These clients watch me for a while, they tip me a few Lindens and then they IM me asking if I am an escort.  A lot of dancers also work as escorts because the pay is really good for the time invested.  Some girls make as much as 5,000L per 30 minutes, and I’ve heard of others who charge even more.  For comparison, on a good night working at Shemale Heaven and Hell, I will make around 3,000L after working several hours.  I don’t have anything against people who work as escorts, and I don’t speak for anyone but myself.  However, I am adamant, and I will never work as an escort.
            But what’s the difference between stripping and escorting?  As a dancer, I feel like I control the encounter with my client.  A strip club operates under a set of rules; even in Second Life, customers aren’t allowed to touch the strippers (unless the strippers want them to) and strippers don’t have sex with their clients (in the strip club).  So, I touch my clients and I allow them to touch me, but I can always say no or push them away.  However, an escort doesn’t really have that option.  An escort is very often at the whim of his or her client’s desires.  
            More important than that though, is my need for intimacy.  Sex to me is an intimate experience shared between two (or more) people who care about each other.  My lovers have been people who are very special to me.  They respect me and care about me, and I don’t want to cheapen that by turning that experience into a business transaction with some random person with a fist full of Lindens. 
            Another reason that I don’t escort, is that I hate bad, boring sex.  I’m sure you’re reading this thinking, but I’m great at emoting and I write long, detailed descriptions of everything I do.  Bad sex isn’t just poor emoting.  If I don’t feel a connection between myself and the person that I’m with, that’s as bad as the worst emoting I can imagine. 
That’s not to say that I don’t encounter people with terrible emoting skills.  I do, frequently.  One of my great joys as a dancer is when my client and I really get into the roles of dancer and customer.  The teasing, the dirty talking, and the denial of satisfaction combine to create an experience that can be more stimulating that just sex. 
So for me, escorting never really held any interest.  I respect others who do work as escorts, because we all enjoy our lives in different ways.  However, I prefer the intimacy that a lover gives me, rather than the cold hard Lindens that a customer can give.  In the end, it’s about our ability to make our own choices that makes Second Life so freeing.  We are who we want to be. 
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