Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Nude and Adult Beaches #4 Dark Delights Shemale Nude Beach

Dark Delights Shemale Nude Beach:  Adult Rated Beach

            The best word to describe Dark Delights Shemale Nude Beach is “diverse.”  Diverse population, diverse activities, and diverse geography.  I visited Dark Delights three times and each time I found something new to try or a new area to explore. 
The beach is extremely popular with a large number of residents standing around chatting or out trying the different activities on the beach.  I use the word “residents” because calling them people would be a disservice to the variety of creatures that I met there.  I saw humans, a werewolf, a talking dog, and a demon.  When I spoke to each of them, they explained that the regulars at Dark Delights were welcoming of all kinds.  Of course there was also the usual array of humans, male, female, sissy girls, and so on.  Unfortunately, everyone clusters around the Landing Zone rather than spreading out over this large beach.
I took a walk down the beach as soon as I arrived, and I found so many different things to do.  Along with the usual beach blankets and beach chairs, I found a tire swing that I couldn’t help trying out, and there were several floating chairs if you just want to relax.  However, when I got to the far end of the beach, I was really surprised when I saw the hang glider.  I spent a long time just flying over the beach, looking down at all the visitors, and enjoying the scenery. 
The beach feels like an exclusive resort for the sexually adventurous.  While there are plenty of G-rated activities along the edge of the beach itself, the really interesting stuff is just behind the beach.  Exploring the area towards the mountains, I found a cave shaped by volcanic activity.  The entrance was shrouded by smoke, and when I walked inside, there was a space for people interested in BDSM.  However, if you prefer something kinkier, you can easily find a flower that will satisfy your tentacle rape fantasies and an interactive zebra for visitors who want to satisfy their bestiality fantasies.  Yes, I did try out both, and no you can’t see the pictures!
Of course, with any resort there are the bungalows where you can sneak away and have sex.  Sex is out in the open here.  Whenever I went into any bungalow, I saw a couple or a threesome having sex.  If you’re an exhibitionist, you couldn’t find a better place to have an audience.  If you’re a voyeur, you can peek in almost any window and watch.  (Just don’t be too creepy ok?)  However, unlike a lot of other beaches, that I visited, each bungalow was set up differently with a unique architecture and motif.  No two bungalows were alike. 
If you want to sneak away for some privacy, you can travel out to several islands just off the beach which are somewhat isolated and have just as many activities to try.  My friend, Six, and I found a great swing were we could cuddle and talk. 
On my second visit, I met Sandy and Dee, and I had a great time chatting with them in a hot tub, while behind us a couple was having sex in the bed nearby.  That experience is typical of what you can expect at Dark Delights Shemale Beach.  With all the various activities to try, whether G-Rated or X-Rated, you’ll never be bored. 
Of all the beaches that I’ve visited so far, Dark Delights Shemale Nude Beach has been one of the best.  Without any distracting ads, you can enjoy the scenery.  The population is big and diverse, but as usual, you’ll get some IMs from horny residents asking “Wanna Sex?”  but I don’t think that you can avoid those anywhere in Second Life.  I’ll be visiting it again soon!  I hope I’ll see you there.
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