Friday, August 31, 2012

Slave Auction Group Experience Part 4

Serving My Mistress Storm
                When My Mistress Storm, as prefers to be called this by her slaves, purchased me, I wasn’t sure what to think.  She dominated the auction process with a fierce look to anyone after she placed her final bid for me.  As soon as the auction ended, I was immediately taken back to her beautiful home where she began to explain what she expected of me.  I was shocked when my friends, Jasmine and Sammi were waiting for me at Mistress Storm’s house.  It seems that these two girls had asked Mistress Storm to bid for me.  They’d wanted to make sure my auction was successful. 
                However, Sammi and Jasmine hadn’t intended on My Mistress Storm keeping me; instead, they had arranged for My Mistress Storm to purchase me and then I was to be transferred to another owner.  My Mistress Storm had other ideas as soon as she laid eyes on me.  She wanted to keep me for herself. 
                When I first decided to auction myself, I resolved that I would serve whoever purchased me to the best of my ability.  The point of this experience was to learn more about being a slave.  When My Mistress Storm asked me if I wanted to serve her or be given over to this other Mistress, I replied that it was her decision.  I did contact my SAG Auctioneer and ask whether transfers of ownership were allowed.  When Valiria, my Auctioneer, replied that selling or gifting me was allowed, I began to realize how scary my situation could be.  I was property now, and I could be traded, sold, or given away until my contract ended.
                I was flattered that My Mistress Storm wanted to keep me.  I think that she saw my eagerness to serve her and learn to be a slave.  Not to mention that I was happy that such a beautiful woman had purchased me.  My Mistress Storm is gorgeous, and her attention to detail is extraordinary when it comes to her appearance.  That’s something that I really admire in a person in Second Life. 
                Unfortunately, My Mistress Storm was a very busy woman, and she was constantly hopping around taking care of all kinds of business.  My Mistress Storm is a very private person, and I won’t go into any details about her life, other than to say that I admire her kindness and willingness to teach me and that she is extraordinarily busy.  I truly respect My Mistress Storm after having spent a week with her. 
One thing became clear to me though as I spent my first day with My Mistress Storm, I would not hold her to the 10 hours of the original contract.  I decided to instead stay with her for a full week regardless of the actual hours actually spent together.  I felt that I owed that to her, since she was constantly on the move, and I wanted her to really enjoy her time with me without counting hours. 
I also began to feel that My Mistress Storm worked too much.  She is a person driven by her dreams and desires, and I wanted to be someone who could help her relax and rest.  I enjoyed the time that we spent together.  She would lecture me on many of the concepts of BDSM and explain the meanings of things such as my collar or the leash, or she would have me research that information on my own. 
I was looking forward to a week of serving this very busy and very kind Mistress.  I hadn’t known what to expect of my owner, when I started this process.  I was excited but frightened throughout the first meeting with My Mistress Storm, but in the end, I am really glad she purchased me and decided to keep me.  So far, my entire experience with the Slave Auction Group had been great and I was looking forward to all of the exciting things My Mistress Storm and I would do together. 
                I really can’t wait to see your comments on my latest update.  You can leave them below, or if you like send an email to me, finally you can just contact me in Second Life.  The name’s Amirana and I can’t wait to hear from you!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Shemale Heaven and Hell Renovation

Shemale Heaven and Hell Strip Club
                I have some wonderful news!  Shemale Heaven and Hell Strip Club has just been completely renovated.  When I first started working at Heaven and Hell, I quickly became bored with its industrial appearance.  The club had a great theme.  I felt like I was dancing in a converted warehouse.  The club had lots of open space with a big dance floor, the stage was made of corrugated metal, and when we had parties, I felt like I was at a rave.  I didn’t hate, but I didn’t like it either.
                However, with the new design, we look like something out of Dante’s Divine Comedy, specifically the 2nd Ring of Hell where the sinners who’d committed acts of lust were tormented.  The stage is build around a pool of lava, and the dancers have to be careful not to fall in.  It’s a bit intimidating at first, but I get a thrill out of it.   I just have to be really, really careful not to drop my clothes in the lava when I pull them off for a client.  Otherwise, I’ll be spending even more L$ on clothes!
                The new design returns Shemale Heaven and Hell to its roots.  The club once again looks like a piece of Hell, itself, filled with the sexiest, most tempting dancers that you can imagine!  We are a group of succubi tempting you to eternal damnation! 
                Not only has the club been redesigned, but we have also hired a brand new DJ.  Djane Nova was hired just last week, and I must admit that I’m impressed with her skill behind the turntable.  Nova also brings a new attitude to Heaven and Hell.  She’s an android, and she’s not shy about stripping off her clothes to expose her bare metal skin!  Her DJ style is a combination of Industrial, Metal, Goth, Darkwave and Neo Pagan Folk which is so appropriate after the remodeling. 
                I know this post is more biased than what I usually write, but I’m so excited about the new direction that club is going!  When Jacks, our boss, reopened the club Tuesday evening, I couldn’t wait to get back to work.  I was so happy to see so many old faces returning and new people arriving to check out the club’s new look. 
                This Friday is our first major event since the renovation.  I really hope that I’ll see all of you there!  I’ll be there along with all the other sexy dancers to make you drool and our gorgeous escorts will make sure you leave satisfied.  DJane Nova will be there spinning.  And you’d better be there too!  See you Friday at 6pm SLT!
                As usual, I would love to hear from you!  So leave a contact below or email me or send me an IM in SL. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

SAG Auction Part 3

The Auction
                After being on display for three days, I was more than ready for my auction.  A lot of people had seen me kneeling in the cage at SAG, but I still wasn’t sure if anyone would bid on me.  When I arrived at SAG a couple of hours before my auction, I was almost shaking with fear and excitement.  I could really feel the adrenaline rushing. 
                When I arrived, Auctioneer Valiria was already standing by the cage, and we talked for several minutes.  Valiria explained exactly what I should expect from the auction.  She also told me that if no one bid on me, then I shouldn’t take it personally.  I felt reassured by Valiria’s professionalism and attention to detail.  As the auction approached, I started to calm down and relax.  I’d been looking forward to my auction all week, ever since I first heard about SAG’s Auctions. 
                Joel was waiting in the cage with me, and he was just as excited when people started arriving for the auction.  I saw a lot of familiar faces too.  My friends came to support me, and many people who had inspected me earlier in the week came as well.  As I waited in the cage, I saw person after person teleport in and go to the auction area. 
                Finally, it was noon and time for my auction.  I was the first lot, and Joel would be second.  Nessa, one of SAG’s slaves, led me up to the auction area and onto the stage.  I saw Valiria there and I was almost trembling.  Then Valiria cuffed me to the post.  I was naked, erect with excitement, and quivering with the anticipation of who would buy me. 
                I took a moment and counted how many people were at the auction.  Twelve!  Joel was led onto the stage next and he was fastened to the St. Andrews Cross next to me.  Auctioneer Valiria explained my limits and available times, and then after the buildup she opened the bidding on me for 2,500L.  Three different people bid on me.  My Mistress Storm cast the winning bid of 5000L!  I couldn’t believe that someone bid 5000L for my services for a week. 
                As soon as My Mistress Storm won me, I walked down from the stage, and she took me to her private residence where she began to explain to me what she expected of me.  I had just met her, but I was really looking forward to learning everything that I can from her. 
                So far, my experience with SAG has been amazing!  I was impressed with how professional and kind the staff acted.  They explained everything clearly and put up with all my questions, no matter how silly.  More than anything, I felt like I could ask questions.  Whenever I had a problem, SAG staff fixed it as soon as they found out.  My only regret is that I couldn’t stay and watch Joel’s auction. But don’t worry, he sent me an IM later and told me he’d sold as well.  Congrats on your sale Joel!  Have fun with your new owner!
                 I would love to hear your experiences with slave auctions in Second Life.  Just leave a comment below!
To Be Continued in Part 4

Friday, August 24, 2012

Nude And Adult Beaches #3 Naturist Sunland Beach

Naturist Sunland Beach:  Adult Rated Beach
                I was shocked at all the advertising when I first arrived at Naturist Sunland Beach.  The landing zone is a small raised hut covered in advertisements, and when you first set foot onto the beach you are offered an invitation to the Naturist Sunland Beach’s Group and the rules are posted in Public Chat.  Unfortunately, every time a person arrives at the beach, the rules are posted in Public Chat which becomes an annoyance if you’re near the landing point.  The shock of advertising didn’t decrease as I began to explore the beach. 
                The beach is separated into three sections:  The market, the nude beach, the adult beach.  Each area is distinctly sectioned off from the other.  The market is in the center, where the landing zone is and the nude beach and adult beach are on either side of the market.  The nude beach and adult beach are separated by large warning signs that ruin the views of the beach and detract from the verisimilitude of the environment.  I just feels too much like a game zone, not an actual beach. 
The market has shop after shop selling sex toys, avatar accessories, slutty clothes, etc.  The shops all look like beach cabanas and fit into the overall theme of the beach.  However, the amount of shops and booths really overwhelmed me when I first arrived.  While I understand that having shops helps pay for the cost of running a Sim, I just think that Naturist Sunland Beach really has too much. 
Once I walked onto the nude beach area, I was happy to see so many people walking around, relaxing by a campfire, and having a great time.  The big ad board by the entrance to the nude beach was even more distracting that the rest.  I walked around the beach for a little while, and I really liked the layout of the beach, but unfortunately, Naturist Sunland Beach had no activities for the beach goers.  Towels, chairs and few pose balls were provided, but activities like surfing or fishing were absent. 
Some parts of the beach were just poorly installed.  A short peer jutted out into the surf, but it wasn’t properly aligned with the surrounding land which meant that I couldn’t just walk up onto it.  Instead I had to either jump onto it or use one of the pose balls on it.  An island out in the ocean had the same problem.  I couldn’t just walk up onto it, I had to click a pose ball to there.  All of this ruins the suspension of disbelief reminding me that I’m in a simulation.
Adjacent to the nude beach was a strip club with a really nice theme.  The stripper’s poles were placed along the walkways separating several pools.  I was really excited about talking to the strippers at this club because I thought the design was clever.  All of the poles in the club were occupied by dancers; however, all of the stripper were either AFK or just not interested in talking to me.  I tried several times to talk to the strippers, but none of them replied.  They didn’t even say “Hello” to me when I entered the area. 
I spent quite a bit of time on the nude beach area, which was the most populated section.  I was actually surprised at how creepy several of the men acted.  I was propositioned twice for sex.  Each time it was by a male with a poorly crafted avatar.  The most interesting thing was that their heads were disproportionately small compared to their bodies. 
After ignoring those men, I spent some time talking to Connie, who is a regular at Naturist Sunland Beach.  We talked for a little while, and I got a much better sense of what the beach is like.  Connie loves to chat and meets a lot of people at the beach.  It’s fairly popular because there is Linden Giver that randomly hands out free Linden Dollars to people nearby.  So, some people will just camp on the beach all day long to get the free Linden Dollars.  She used to be a stripper and finds it easier to just sit on the beach and collect free money.  Connie was really nice and helpful and real ray of sunshine on a beach that was generally disappointing. 
Finally, I visited the Adult area which was pretty much empty.  There was a dance floor and a couple of alcoves with some sex furniture, but really it was desolate without anyone in that area.  I walked around for a bit, but got bored pretty quickly.  There are few hidden areas for intimate encounters, which were nicely done. 
Overall, my visit to Naturist Sunland Beach was just disappointing.  The advertising fit the surrounding, but it overwhelmed me when I arrived.  I just couldn’t get over the fact there were so many shops and booths around.  The beach was nicely laid out with pretty geography, but some of the areas were poorly implemented.  I was happy to see people there, but I was really disappointed with how the dancers ignored me and several men annoyed me.  I just didn’t have a good time at this beach.  I can’t really recommend it at all.