Monday, September 3, 2012

Why Don’t I Talk About Real Life?

                Many times during my travels throughout Second Life, I’ve been asked about the details of my “real life.”  The questions are sometimes the lazy and uninspired “m or f?” or the extremely common “where are you from?” to the more personal and detailed “are you touching yourself right now?”  These questions are an outgrowth of a strange development in Second Life where people use Second Life as if it were Facebook.  I’ve even heard of some strip clubs that require that dancers verify their real life gender.  All of these developments ruin the fantasy of Second Life for me. 
                Whoever I am, whatever my gender, my sex, my sexuality, and any other real life qualities are completely irrelevant in Second Life.  Now, whether you agree or disagree with my opinion is up to you, but I do not answer any questions about my real life.  And why should I?  The person that I am in Second Life is a projection of my own desires and ideals.  This is a representation of who I want to be, my better self.  If that’s not enough for you, then I’m sorry.
                I don’t mind when someone asks me about real life, but they don’t get an answer.  Instead, I reply with “I don’t discuss RL.”  This statement is absolute, and even for my closest friends and even those I love the most, I don’t break this rule.  I accept my friends and the people I meet as who they show themselves to be.  Whether androids or furries or tinies or any other possibility that Second Life allows us to explore.
                I think that we shouldn’t limit ourselves to who we might be in Real Life, but rather let our imaginations run free.  We take up our roles and remain in them and breathe a new life.  Sometimes those roles change or even mutate wildly from what we once were, but that’s the joy of Second Life.  We can be anything, do almost anything.  We are only limited by our imaginations!
                If you think that I use this to keep an emotional distance between myself and those around me, don’t be fooled.  I truly care for my friends in Second Life.   While I am just pixels on a computer monitor, the emotions that I feel are real!  I never forget that when I spend time with my friends or meet new people. 
                While the real world is a mundane place, where every human is pretty much the same, Second Life offers so many opportunities if you want to accept them.  Where else can I spend a day at the beach with a winged anthro stallion, a gorgeous female stripper, two beautiful femme androids, an androgynous person, a kind man, and a couple of stunning shemales?  I’ve met minotaurs and demon girls and Gorean slave masters and teeny tiny people and all manner of furries, scalies and avians.  Why ruin the fun by wondering about silly things like real life. 
                So the next time you think about who is really behind that great looking avatar you just met, put that thought out of your mind.  They are exactly what you see.  And I’m not saying that you should just judge people on their appearance.  I’m saying that don’t worry about the Real Life details and remember Second Life is about realizing our fantasies together. 
                But that’s just my opinion…
                I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Please leave a comment below or you can send me an email at  Finally, you can contact me in Second Life.  The name is Amirana, and I would love to hear from you!

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